Code of Conduct

At DFWREIN, our mission is networking, education and motivation through the empowerment of opportunities that raise the member’s awareness to elevate the knowledge of real estate investments.

We want our members to be financially free and through education and awareness we feel that the members will be able to take action to invest in their future. We strive for our members to be able to make the correct choices investing in real estate and become financially independent.

You will be with other like minded individuals that share the desire to be successful in real estate investing. The DFWREIN community is diverse with people that want to learn and network with others to raise their ability to own real estate.

DFWREIN has developed a Code of Conduct that we would like all of our members to abide by.

We feel that by using these methods you will be on the pathway to professionalism.

  • Always follow the golden rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • Always respond promptly to inquiries and requests for information.
  • Schedule appointments as far in advance as possible; call if you are delayed or must cancel an appointment.
  • Communicate with all parties in a timely fashion.
  • Leave your business card.
  • Never criticize property in the presence of the owner.
  • Present a professional appearance at all times; dress appropriately and have a clean car.
  • Communicate clearly; don’t use jargon not readily understood by the general public.
  • Be aware of and respect cultural differences.
  • Show courtesy and respect to the general public.
  • Be aware of and meet all deadlines.
  • Promise only what you can deliver and keep your promises.
  • Have respect for property.
  • Have respect for peers.
  • Have respect for the public.
  • Show courtesy, trust and respect to other real estate professionals.